jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

miami police department building

address: 400 nw 2nd avenue, miami, united states
architects: lester pancoast, allan poms, bouterse fabregas
date: 1976

Miami´s Police Department headquarters employs Brutalist--inspired architecture to monumental effect. Much like its local counterpart, the Miami Beach City Hall, the building´s sculpted massing, with cutaway voids at the corners, reveals its structure as well as identifiable functional areas, and creates pools of shade on its ample terraces. The exterior walls mix banded areas of red clay title with exposed concrete, precast wall panels with an agregate finish, and precast panels with hooded openings for windows. On its west side, a parking garage facing I-95 repeats key details of the police station.

Allan T. Shulman, Randall C. Robinson Jr., James F. Donnelly

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  1. My father, Lester Collins Pancoast would most certainly take umbrage at the term "Brutalist" style. He sought to introduce a regional consideration for the climate in his work. He referred to the window overhangs as "eyebrows" and made sure outdoor public spaces were shaded to avoid visitors and employees being cooked in the heat. Apologies for not speaking eloquently.

    1. Dear David and Marian. I thank you very much your note. I like your father´s works also, the Miami Police Department Building. A very interesting building.